Certificates & Awards

April 7, 2018 EASTREN HILL (TRIPOLI) منطقة الهضبة الشرقية طرابلس
Winning with the Best Design at the competition of developing the area of the Eastern Hill(AL HADBAH ALSHARKIAH) in Tripoli as a planning in the favor of the authority of [...]
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April 7, 2018 TRIPOLI SEA CORNISH مسابقة كورنيش طرابلس
The winning of the third Grade in the international competition for the planning of Tripoli Sea chore Cornish. The first award Dr.Moustafa Elmezweghy Eng.Faysal Elbnany The second award: have not [...]
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April 7, 2018 Certificates obtained by Assarh Company الشهادات التي حصلت عليها شركة الصرح
ASSARH has reached a place as one of the best architectural constructural consultancy firm in Libya. ASSARH is one of the first firms in Libya has the quality certificate (ISO [...]
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